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“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” — Winston Churchill

Here at Impact Studio (formerly Impact Visual Communications), we are constantly evolving. As a brand agency, we understand the importance of staying current, which is why we're happy to introduce our own new look. We're still focusing on what we do best - branding, marketing, photography and web development. We're also continuing to keep our customers' best interests in mind. We are excited about the next leg of this journey and we hope you are, too.



The Impact Team is comprised of talented individuals with a multitude of skills ranging from marketing, design, photography, writing to web marketing and social media. No matter what your project we’ve got you covered.



Impact has been in the design, print, photography and marketing business for over 20 years. We are proud of our accomplishments throughout our past and are looking forward to the years still to come.

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Impact Studio boasts some of the best talent the west coast has to offer and is widely considered the best graphic design team on Vancouver Island. With experienced design professionals, Impact has fostered an environment for collaborative development that has differentiated ourselves from the market with a unique approach to every design we do. With various artistic backgrounds and inspirations, our unconventional approach to design facilitates an original, distinctive look with every project we do. Whether working on national or small-scale accounts, we are meticulous in our attention to detail and take pride in our work. This is simply unmatched in our industry. We capture the quintessence of your business leaving you with a high-end professional design and a first class look that will exceed your expectations.




In today’s business environment, it has become a standard practice to have an operational website – but does your website truly represent your business? Does it reflect the direction of where you want to go?  At Impact Studio, we take pride in having developed some of the most innovative and value added websites out there today. The synergy between our graphic design team and our web development team creates a seamless approach that incorporates first-class graphic design with an intuitive, all-encompassing website that speaks to the professionalism and momentum that your organization represents.

Our custom methodology approach ensures your site is crafted with a deliberate schematic to ensure the most efficient and effective flow of consumer traffic possible. Whether you are simply looking for online awareness or point of sale shopping, our websites will become the most effective tool in your business.





Photography is a relatively new addition to the Impact Studio list of services, but make no mistake, the relative time of this function is not indicative of the quality. Impact founder and President, Mike Thompson, has carved out a niche and judging by his extensive online following, he is gaining a reputation as a talented landscape and commercial photographer on Vancouver Island. Some of Mike’s shots have been commented on in popular media and others have been selected for high-end clients to use in their materials.  If you wondering, just browse through our photos and we are certain you will be just as captivated by the brilliant photos in his portfolio.



Mike Thompson - Passionate photos of Nanaimo and Vancouver Island, Canada.

My name is Mike Thompson and I love landscape photography. I moved to Nanaimo in 1993 and started a marketing, design, web development and print company named Impact Visual Communications Ltd - now known as Impact Studio. As I approach retirement, and have found myself with free time and I have re-ignited my love for photography. I spend many hours every day roaming around Nanaimo and Vancouver Island photographing the beauty that surrounds us. We truly live in paradise.

Photography of Nanaimo and Vancouver Island is my passion.

Please feel free to contact me anytime. If you have a special request or simply have a question about photography I am always available. I look forward to hearing from you.

c. 250-618-8762

e. mike@impactstudio.ca


Strategic Marketing Plans


In today’s economic climate where markets are lean and margins are thin, it is vitally important to adopt a strategic plan that will create a demand for your product and/or services. With so many companies relying on ad hoc marketing approaches of the past, the ability to acquire a tactical marketing road map from Impact Studio will give you an immediate competitive advantage with dependable results.

Our strategic planning experts will provide you with:
Market Conditions & Analysis, Competitive Environment & Market Analysis, Situation Analysis (Internal Audit), Strategic Marketing Objectives, Communication Objectives, Competitive Strategy & Advantage, Branding, Target Market, Buying Behavior, Marketing Mix, Promotional & Communications Plan, Recommendations.

Effectively, our strategic marketing plans leave no stone unturned and you are provided with a detailed marketing portfolio taking you into the next 24-36 months with a clearly distinct image and defined direction of how to maximize your market share and elevate your business to the next level.




Your brand is how your audience perceives you. This perception is formed by the combined power of consistency through your logo, identity, voice and messaging. Your brand is something that runs through every vein of your business, from the way you answer the phone to the way you display yourself through your identity and promote yourself on your website.

Whether you are looking for a brand revitalization or an entirely new brand foundation, the creative team of designers at Impact are here to work with you to build a solid foundation for your brand. This foundation gives you a giant leap above others and enables you to easily continue building through every action you take and decision you make.

When your company is perceived to be solid, consistent and professional, your audience reacts the way you want them to - whether it's buying your product, using your service or joining your cause.

If you won’t take our word for it, just look at our results. Our team has been stockpiling international creative awards on a continuous basis throughout our history and your brand development might just be the next one.



Have you thought of email marketing for your business but struggle with where to start? Impact Studio has launched a brand new email-marketing program that allows clients to focus their time effectively and do what they do best. Once we have your database, our professionals take care of this marketing function from start to finish. When you supply the information you want in your newsletter, our award winning graphic designers will create an interactive image with links to alternative sites and social media destinations, while embracing the foundation of your business and giving you a voice to your market far above your competition. Statistically, email marketing has become one of the most powerful ways of advertising your products and services and has developed into one of the most important functions of your marketing mix. As part of this program, Impact will supply you with a Market Intelligence Report that will provide information such as how many people viewed your newsletter, where they clicked and how many went to your social media sites.

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